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I loved to fuck older women and I realized that when I was at the age of 15. My auntie introduced me to love making and she did me so well I just compared to younger girls and realized older women did better. My dick is very big and heavy for my age of 18 and this is what I pride in. There is no woman who will see my dick stand and not be wet or filled with passion to have a feel of it. My teacher and I have always been very close. I got closer to her by becoming the best in Economics. This was because I loved her body. She looked better than all the girls in my class although she was older. After school, I would help my teacher to assemble all the workbooks and help her take it to the staff common room. We did this everyday and she was simply beautiful. She was one of the most beautiful women apart from my mother that I have every felt attracted to and truly appreciated.

Yes, I had fucked other girls before but since I couldn’t fuck my mum, my teacher Miss. Duba, is the one I wanted to fuck. The day all this happened was a Friday and she wore a short official skirt and skinny top that showed the shape of her boobs. I was very excited and because in a naughty way, I could see her nipples through them. They were erect and standing so beautiful. Also, I could imagine sucking her breasts and kissing her lips. Although she was 32 years old, she looked like a 25 year old woman with so much class. After school, she invited me to her house to help her with some installations. I was very good with software installations and she saw an app on my iPhone she wanted me to install to her iPad at home. So, I went to her home with her but left and told her will be back later with the software to install. I called her when I got home and made sure she was at home that day.

I got back to her house at 10 pm and since it was a Friday, I knew she would have no excuse to go to bed early. When I called and told her I was in-front of her door, I guess she did not feel the need to wear her overcoat. So, she came to open the door with her short night gown which was very sexy. It showed her nipples more clearly than earlier on at school. I told her she was looking better at home. She smiled and shook her head. The shirt I wore showed some part of my chest with hair all over it. I saw her look at my chest for some time and welcomed me in. I prayed she had the iPad inside her bedroom. The truth is that she did, so I was happy.

The iPad was in her room so she led me there and as I went ahead with the installation, she brought me a cup of coffee. When she came nearer, I threw the CD cover on the floor very close to her and she bent to take it. I got closer and mistakenly she hit me with the jug she was holding. I fell on her bed. She rushed to make me comfortable but I said it was okay. She came to treat me. She went to the kitchen to get some warm water. When she came back I was on the bed. I had made myself comfortable under the blanket acting up so much pain. When she came nearer to massage my bump, I kissed her once. She stopped and stared. Then I held her closer and kissed her more passionately this time with my hands massaging her nipples. I turned her over and made her sleep beside me.

I took off her night gown with no pant and bra. Then, I fingered her. She shivered in my arms and I felt in control. She was simply enjoying herself and I was happy. Although I wanted to rock her, she had different plans. After I had sucked her breasts and she had become very wet. She went naked and took the blanket off of me. After that, she gave me a suck to my dick. She sucked my dick so hard and so wild I lost control of my senses. She then later sat on me and fucked me. She rode me like a horse and I had no say. I came and she would not stand up. So, I came 3 times and for her maybe more. She gave me some milk to drink after that.

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