Seduced by an Angel

I was awakened by a soft touch. Opening my eyes, I found myself lying on my bed naked, and a gentle creature sits on my feet. Wavy blonde hair falls over her shoulders, blue eyes looking straight into my eyes, chest heaving, and her hand is on my thigh, stroking it. It only translucent bra and panties, which are visible through the fabric protruding nipples.

When he saw that I opened my eyes, she smiles. Her hand moves to my stomach, not stopping to stroke, then on the chest, stomach and back on down below. She takes my gun in her hand and pushes the skin from the head, already swollen. Finger of the other hand is in her mouth, she sucks it exciting, then pulls out and gently and carefully begins to massage my cock.

Special pleasure when her finger touches the bridle and massages her rhythmic movements. I looked at her eyes hungrily watching my cock, her lips parted, his chest heaving with excitement. She can not stand it any longer and lowered his mouth to my trunk. It is a wonderful feeling - enveloping the entire balanus and a cock of the soft lips and tongue. She does it passionately and tenderly , with pleasure. Her hand wanders somewhere between his legs.

Slippery warm space inside her mouth enveloped my cock. She sucks with undisguised pleasure, then sharply and deeply nasazhivayas on the barrel, then licking one language. That is, treating the head with his lips and tongue , then deeply swallowing dick, she made me shiver with every cell of my body. From the rapid movements of the head of her hair evolved in different directions. She enthusiastically sucked, wriggling like a snake . Her hips went to shake. It was seen as harsh slopes bounce her dazzling white tits. Swaying nipples. She evidently felt that I look at her and leaving her class, too, looked at me. Without stopping, she put one hand on my stomach and began to stroke it. With his other hand started to caress my testicles. This is how it has added even more pleasant to me painfully suffering. It is not blinking , staring me in the face. Her eyes sparkled with deceit . Make this look has become impossible ...


I finished, splashing streams of sperm in her mouth. She did not release the cock of his mouth until about not declined and went limp . Then I finally found the strength to ask her:


- Who are you?


She looked over at me and smiled:


- Your Angel...

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