Nights are Softer and Loud

Hi Readers, This is Derick a software professional living in Florida, U.S and I am 24 years of age. Life was so happy and cheerful that I always found new things to add into it. Mostly, I travel for business deals to different countries and spend time in the city lights of faraway land. Living alone was painstaking for me, as I left my family back in Canada. Every month I send around $500 back home to ease my family expenses for which my parents were very happy. I got a business deal for which I have to travel to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I packed up my baggage caught the Air Asia flight and reached Kuala Lumpur without any hassles. Everything was set for me, my accommodation and other facilities. The city was marvelous and the best thing that attracted me – girls. So cute and adorable to see them! It was Saturday, almost evening when I reached Kuala Lumpur.

After keeping my baggage in a prior booked hotel, I went to a pub. There were hunks and good looking girls around, as they danced along with a nice music. A girl sitting in-front of me looked me, as If she has never seen a dude like me before. Soon we danced together like randy couples. We got drunk and danced and laughed, as if joy was flowing from our hearts. She kissed my cheeks, as if tuning me with her rhythm. I don’t want to loose this chance and want to screw her hard and louder. I looked to my watch with wobbly eyes and got to know that it’s around 10p.m. As the sky went darker, my heat flushes out more. Leaving no chance, I took her to my place - hotel off course. The lights were glowing deem and we started the game of love and passion. We undressed each other, not caring whether the windows were closed or not. Pushing into her steamy machine, I felt so nice and the warmth of lava that’s going to explode.

We were so louder and laughed a lot, as if we won’t get this opportunity again. The roar was painful sometimes, but I don’t want to give-up, even it was already 1am midnight. The alcohol that we drank was taking its play; darkness surrounded in-front of my eyes. Suddenly, white lights fell on my eyelids and as I opened it was morning. I looked around and found her not on the bed; I also checked the shower and found her nowhere. My love is gone, living me alone in my world. I was still under her spell and can’t forget the time we spent together. Neither I nor she shared our names to each other. It was 8am and without delaying I got ready for the business deal. Her face, style and the way she moved was rolling and rocking in-front of my eyes. I hope I can meet her again, so that we can spend another moment that I don’t want to let it go. Her voice got much softer and music louder. Nights got lonelier. Cuts got deeper. Food proportion got very smaller and her clothes got much darker. Sleeves got more longer and life got shorter.

Erotic Night To Remember

I rushed to my place in order to plan one special night. Night will be perfect in my head. I planned a very nice and romantic dinner, by soft music and candle light in background. I also bought some fresh roses & laid petals on my bed. I lit 2 vanilla candles and wore my sexiest outfit. I wore 2 piece of black lace with garter & black seemed highs that I got only for this time. I finished my outfit with 5” of stilettos. I was totally dripping with anticipation and warmth rushed in my body with the thought of that night.

Shortly before 8 he called and told we were meeting some friends at a club. I did not tell him of my special night that I have planned & made a stand that we must spend a night only 2 of us. He will not budge and I gave into his desire. I took away my panties and wore my mini skirt. With that I put on one see through top to expose my black teddy underneath. With my thigh revealed small area of thigh while I sat down and I felt very erotic, and beyond sexy. So, I was in mood, and mood to feel sexy desire of a woman, and woman desiring her own man. I was not aware of how a night will be so for to me and I met and has a wonderful time out there in a club. Music was pulsing & drinks were flowing.

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