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This incident took place when I was just 14 year old. I went to attend a family wedding along with my family in downtown. So we check in the hotel where our family and some friends were already staying. My cousin Kylie came with her boyfriend Bryan. He was a 6 ft tall muscular guy with good looks to die for. When the first time we looked at each other we just exchanged a smile. However after that we came in our rooms and settle down our luggage and went outside to check out the hotel.

Kylie wants to go for shopping so she asked me came along her and Bryan. Since I don't had nothing much to do here so I decided to join them. So we reached in a mall. My cousin Kylie went to female section and me and Bryan went towards the male section. So Bryan was in a trial room trying some shirts that we just picked up and I was standing outside of that trial room and all of the sudden Bryan came outside with his shirtless body as he forgot his shirt outside. Damn his perfectly toned abs pumped the hormone rush in my body. I couldn’t control myself and intentionally knocked at the door of changing room as expected Bryan opened the door and I sneak in the changing room. I think he had already sensed some excitement in me by now as he was behaving normally. It boosted my moral and I went ahead and start rubbing my hand over his crotch to feel his dick. Surprisingly he didn’t push me back but hold from behind. I could now feel his dick in my ass. He was stroking his dick in my ass. The grip of his hands was really tight such a manly grip. It made me a lot more turned on. I turned around and start kissing on his lips. And then he removed my t-shirt and start kissing on my nipples and continuously pressing my hips too my body was just feeling awesome that I can’t express in words. I was shivering in pleasure. Then I went down on my knees and removed his jeans and took out his hell huge and very thick dick. I didn't waited and just took a grab and started licking his rock hard dick. He was holding my head and giving me a mouth fuck. I was sucking his balls it was red hot. After some time I was on my hands and he pulled down my underwear and was licking my asshole. This I can’t ever forget I loved this so much. After all this treatment my ass got bits lose. Then he started inserting his fingers in my ass and did it very fast. I started moaning like hell in pleasure. But I was also making sure that my voice won’t go outside. I was experiencing all this for the first time and enjoying a lot. Meanwhile he started rubbing his dick on my tiny asshole and it was not going in as I was virgin. Then he put his dick that now got tighter in my ass. I somehow managed to hold my scream. He chooses not to be soft on me and started drilling my ass with full force. Oh man! That was the best fuck of my life so far. He was fucking and slapping my ass. He fucked me for around 15 min and then he told me that he is going to cum and he wants to cum in my mouth. And as I hear this I turn around grabbed his dick and he shoot his load in my mouth.

We relaxed our bodies for like 5 min and wore our clothes back and came out. We saw my cousin Kylie was waiting for us at the gate of the mall. She was really angry as she was standing there for quite a long time. We somehow managed to convince here by giving this excuse that we had lost our way. However after that we reached our hotel back. We were there for 3-4 more days and during that period I got the chance to get intimate with Bryan twice and every time he fulfilled my every sexual fantasy.

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