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I loved to work. I concentrated more on my work and this made it difficult for me to find someone serious. I had a boyfriend 4 years ago and but he was simply a messed up guy. My manager was simply a beast and he left work at 5 pm not caring all he needed was for the work to be done. At almost 12:22 at midnight, I was now figuring exactly what the problem was and I was happy. I fixed it. I got home to realize my little cousin was up watching porn. He did not hear me come in and since my mum had travelled the whole house was left to him. I entered and realized he was masturbating. His dick was so hard I just did not know he had grown so big under. I wanted to grab his dick and suck him dry. He was not the 7 year old Jordan I used to see take baths. He was now the 17 year old Jordan with one of the biggest cock ever. I went nearer from behind the couch and the lights were down. His moans and sound was simply amazing I was just horny.

I took off my dress quietly and with my naked body I slowly went close to him – he was also naked lying on the carpet. I knelt down and grabbed his dick with my wet mouth. He wondered what was happening but when I started to suck his dick he just gave up and relaxed. I sucked him and he screamed like a baby. In no time he came but he was still hard – yes, he was a virgin I could tell and had the energy I needed to have as many rounds as I wanted. I continued to suck him and he kept on moaning – I knew he was enjoying himself. I stopped and went to kiss him. We kissed so passionately I forgot he was my cousin. He had by then realized I was the one.

I told him to wait as I went to fetch some milk and candles. He was sitting in the couch when I came back and with the candles lit, I just knew I was ready. But he asked me to lie on the ground. I was surprised but I did. He came down and started to massage my breasts. I was surprised but it felt so good I wondered where he learnt that from. He massaged them and then started to suck them. I felt some current go through me that I have never felt before. I screamed and moaned like I have never done. I didn’t ask him to stop because I loved it. My breasts were so hard I just had no clue why. Then, he started to tease my pussy lips with my dick. He started to finger me and I was very wet.

Also, he sucked my boobs so hard. I started to moan, ‘ahhhh, ahhhhhhh, ouuuuu’. He was happy I was enjoying it. He took his time and caressed my body with his lips and tongue. We were indeed crossing all levels of decency and family – yes, it was clear incest. I closed my eyes and allow his hands feel all parts of my breasts and massage them. I shivered all though my body. Felt his fingers entering my pussy and bringing them out. He put three fingers and my pussy gladly accommodated it with so much joy. The very first jolts of joy swept pass me and I felt like I was freezing. I was very happy it was my virgin cousin fucking me like this.

I started to moan especially when he started to suck my nipples as he used his cock to tease my pussy. I was screaming so hard and he just had to enter. He entered with his hard, long, heavy and hot dick. I screamed with so much joy and he just did me well with the missionary position. Jordan gave me a run for my money and made me come more than once. He fucked me and I came three times and after that we slept side by side – kissing passionately. Since that night, we have been secret lovers. He fucks me all I want and sometimes I ask for sick leaves from work when he is around for a week or two. We are just inseparable now. I love the way he fucks me and I just won’t give it up for anything. I convinced him to bring a girl along so we have a three sum. I want to make him feel happy and to treat him like a queen but I am thinking in another city far away from where we are. I do not want any problems.

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