Faces and vaginas

The master of psychoanalysis Siegmund Freud considered that it is dangerous to man to caress long a vagina, its look frightens, it is similar.... on a wound after castration. And now - refuting classic: in Catalonia , in the town of Sitges, near Barcelona, has opened a historical exhibition "Women's charms" symbol of which became the fragment drawing by Pablo Picasso, "a woman's vagina".

Spicy drawing by Pablo Picasso came under the influence of Sigmund Freud. She then carried away by the Europeans , and too many came from her real horror . Art historians say - the artist was a zest for life , loved women and their means of arguing with a psychoanalyst!

Women's vulva always worried men. And here's how to handle it, at different times and in different nations had their own beliefs.

Beads for yoni

In ancient India, men could and should have been caressing the female genital organs. Belonged to the female genitals here with great reverence. Yoni ( vulva ) was considered a sacred vessel from which people are born. Therefore, during the love a man could at will caress her fingers or different beautiful things - for example, pearl beads. Silk handkerchief or pieces of colored woolen yarns.

Space sink

The ancient Aztecs went a step further - they are considered a symbol of the vagina... space, and along with all the unknown, and depicted it in their pagan temples in the form of a spiral shell. Men even avoided to touch it - only out of respect, the vulva was considered sacred. A woman could fondle herself helping the man. But it was the Aztecs came up with a custom "Bless kiss" - a touch of the labia to the body of a man.

Oily and insatiable

The ancient Arabs believed in their adage that there are three insatiable things in the world - death, the desert and the female womb. But if the first two - the death and the desert - the Arabs tried to avoid "trouble" unless absolutely necessary, that the female vulva, vagina, touched often and with pleasure. Caressing fingers, preferred to use scented lubricants - from a variety of flower oils to milk and yogurt. Women, especially in harems were cut in the crotch trousers.


In ancient China, the vagina was considered the main and most attractive part of a female body. During foreplay Chinese attention has been focused on a single location - "blooming rose" - as they called the vagina along with the clitoris. Men in the bedroom for a long time considered the "Rose" and even talked to her.

Check vaginas

In ancient Persia, there were female soothsayer that the color of the vagina were taken to determine the nature and health of the woman. Bright pink color was considered a sign of softness and pliability. Pale Pink said that the owner of the vagina dryish and rational. Red vagina - a sign of incontinence, zloyazychiya, but stormy temperament. The wealthy suitors necessarily checked so future wives.

On the right track - and all!

But the Christians were considered dirty vaginal affection. Pious men were instructed to touch the vagina only in the dark, and only then to the touch determine the "right way".


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