Erotic massage - sensual pleasure

Erotic massage is a very sensual experience that anyone can have with one of our Dubai escort girls. Our escort girls know how to increase intimacy and heighten arousal to amplify your sexual fulfillment with body to body massage. Partners use sexual energies for helping intensify the pleasure, making it last longer and becoming more intense. It encourages a man to experience sexual desire, lust and passion.

There are some important things that needed to be intended to for getting maximum pleasure for your partner and you.

Principles of erotic massage.

#1. Please, take off all your rings and other jewelries. And you should make sure that you don’t have jagged nails edges as it can ruin all your efforts for getting relax and pleasure.

#2. A sensual environment is a great idea: use some aroma candles for example such kinds of aroma as Lavender, Orange or Ylang-Ylang are very relaxing and sensuous. Music is also very important - you can purchase relaxing spa CDs at any music store or just download it. Please, make sure that it will play continually if you don’t want to have to get up to take care of the music flaws.

#3. Oil is a must for a great massage. Warm your massage oil for a pleasurable sensation. First put oil into your hand, please, don’t pour oil to the partner’s body. Let the oil always be close to you as you will need it for a smooth massage.

#4. For any type of massage and for erotic especially it is very important to never break the contact with your partner’s skin. It is body to body massage. Once you’ve started your massage, keep that connection with your partner at all times. No distractions: turn off your phone off, lock the door, close the drapes.

#5. Be gentle and take your time. Erotic massage in Dubai is a slow sensual process that builds into such uncontrollable sexual desire for both of you the end result will leave you both breathless.

Advantage of erotic massage.

The day to day life stress takes a serious toll on all of your mental, physical and even relationship health, and the erotic oily massage provides more than just some temporary relief. When you leave our Dubai escort ladies you will leave with a calm mind and relaxed body as well as a new found ability to take control of your sexual energies. It is well known, that sexual energy charging through the body gives us the feeling of being more alive, happy, joyful and optimum awareness, you will feel alert to every sense and just like sexual intercourse.

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