Chocolate friendship

James and Steve became friend online. After talking for almost 2 months they decided to meet each other since they were from same city. James picked his gay friend Steve up from the bus stop since he didn’t know where James’s house was, the first time he went there. They reached his house. His house was on the 4rth floor of that flat. Two gays went inside his house. So after 10 minutes he said that we should go to his bed room and check out some porn on the computer. We went inside the bedroom and started browsing through websites to find something suitable.

After some time my boyfriend went to the bath room to relax himself. After a moment James knocked the door of the bathroom and when Steve opened the door James came in, and hold Steve from behind and grabbed his ass. Steve was already turned on so he didn’t push him back and started enjoying the situation. After that James put his two hands through both side of Steve’s waist in to the front and started stroking Steve’s cock and he had this habit of pulling foreskin back and just rubbing the cock head of cock and Steve felt it heavenly. Then Steve went down on his knees and hold James’s rock strong dick and started giving him blowjob to the deep of his throat. Then Steve flipped and rubbed his cock with James’s two hands behind his back which were kind of crossed in with his hands. With Steve’s right hand he caught James’s cock and with his left hand, he rubbed it on to James’s ass crack and James was saying “Ahhhhhh… fuck. Yeah, like that you dirty fuck….”

Then Steve put his hands through the back side of James’s waist to get hold of James’s cock which was touching his ass and he was stroking Steve’s cock. The important this was that they could not see what they were jerking off. Steve’s cock was behind James thrusting against his ass, At last Steve came on to James’s ass. That feeling when gay cock which was already pulsing to ejaculate the semen, blasts that fucking hot white cum on to your body is fucking horny. When Steve was jerking his cock since James was doing it with his hands behind his back and because his back side and his front side were almost stuck together, his cock was kind of rubbing against James’s ass. So when it did blast off in the end James could feel those orgasmic pleasure pulses three or four times when Steve’s cock discharged his semen on to James ass in spurts. Fucking damn hot… They both were tired, yet they kept on jerking off James’s cock to make his cum and Steve had released James hand from his cock and there it was. James held his hands still by pulling Steve’s foreskin up so that the entire cum could get discharged and Steve got out around 3, 4 spurts of his cum and those fell down on to the bathroom floor.

After that they washed up and said goodbye and that was the beginning of a very special friendship.

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