Chilling with My Best Friend

Hello, My name Cole. I live in New Jersey with my family. I am 18 year old and 5.8ft tall. I am bi sexual and interested in gays too. I like to watch a lot of adult movies

I used to hangout with my friends a lot. Among them Austin is my best friend. He was my classmate in earlier days of my school. Several times we went to some rave parties’ together and fucked girls together. Every time I see his big and thick dick I stare at his dick and pass a naughty smile to him.

Few months back I received a call from Austin that his parents were out of town and he wants to throw a party in his house for few of our close friends. He asked me to help him out for the preparation. So I went to his house. His parents were already left so he was all alone. I was sitting in his living room. He came up with a bottle of vodka with 2 shot glasses. We had few shots of vodka. After that he switches on the TV and we started watching a porn movie in his TV. After few min we both were turned on and started shaking our tools. I was trying to get a look of his dick sideways. He told me that he really want to fuck a girl now. I was told him that I wish we had some girls near. He was kind of disappointed with my answer. I felt that so to cheer him up I went close to him and ask him to masturbate his dick. He didn’t give me any answer so I collected all my courage and hold his dick and start stroking it. He was stunned with my action and few min later he starts stroking my dick. He had no hair on his dick. His dick was so thick that I was hardly managing to get my grip around it. There was a lot of adrenaline rush in my veins that time. So I took a step further and start licking his dick. His dick was bit salty. Then I start put his whole dick in my mouth started sucking his dick. Then he started moan slowly.

Then we undressed each other and went to his bedroom. He made me suck his cock in 69 positions. We sucked each other’s cock for like 5 min. Then he asked me that he wants to fuck my ass. I said ok. Then I moved to doggy style and he put his juicy cock in my asshole and started drilling my ass deep. His monster dick was almost tearing my ass apart. After some time ass got tight so he pours hair gel in my ass. After that my ass got wider and he increased his speed. I started moaning a lot with pain but he d didn't stop after that. He kept of punishing my ass. However I am enjoying a lot of pain but on the other side I was enjoying this treatment a lot. After a punishment of around 5 min. He asked me that he wants to leave his cum in my ass. I said ok. Then he dropped his load in my ass. Later he went down and starts sucking my cock and started giving me a mouth fuck. He gave me the best blowjob of my life. He was rubbing his tongue on my dick head. That made me feels so good that time. After that I fucked his ass as a revenge of all the hard time he gave me. After 10 min I dropped my cum shot in his mouth and force him to sallow all of my cum. He did as I said.

After that we went to sleep and even now whenever we get time get we give sexual pleasure to each other.

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