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My boss was simply an annoying fellow. He could be lovely at times and super annoying at other times. However, he was generally bossy and very arrogant. I guess what makes him act more like that is his cute face and his manly figure. Steve was one man no woman could resist. He was very eloquent, accommodating, handsome and also had amazing set of teeth. He knew how to treat his ladies – no wonder they never had enough of him. I say this because lots of them came to the office to have arguments which I feel unnecessary. When I started work her before, we almost had sex. However, for my own good it never happened. I started working here at the age of 23 years and I have been here for 4 good years. I admired him when I came but after all I have seen and heard, I do not think I can date or have a relationship with someone like him.

Today, is one of those days I stayed very late at work trying to fix some important documents for a meeting on Monday morning. This is because I did not come to work on Saturdays which means I had to fix anything on the Friday. I had worked my ass off that day and was tired but I had to stay for long. Steve left the office at 6 and he later called to find out if I was still at the office. He brought me some rice and sauce around 7pm and left. This surprised me but I smiled and thanked him. I prepared myself after work at around 12pm at dawn and I was ready to leave the office when I felt a hug from my back. I was wondering who it was but this strange man whom I did not know started to kiss my neck from the back and all of a sudden I felt very calm. ‘You’re beautiful’ said this man and then I recognized the voice – it was Steve my boss.

Yes, I knew it – he was the one. But, while I was wondering and thinking about the fact that he was the one, his hands were inside my shirt and he had opened my bra. He was already squeezing my breasts and I felt so good. He unbuttoned my shirt and removed his long straight dress he was wearing to show his naked body with a hard dick – I realized he had planned this before now. Just seeing his hard dick got me crazy and I really wanted his cock inside me. But he bent and started to kiss my body. He sucked my breasts and put his fingers into my pussy. His fingers were going in and out of my pussy and I was very wet. I started to moan then he turned on the small office light in my cubicle – I was shy but he wanted to stare into my eyes. He stared at me and started to kiss me passionately.

The kiss was very wet and it gave me shivers all over. I wanted to kiss more and he had time because he kissed me more and more. He then went down my body with his lips and without me expecting it, he was in my pussy. He just sucked my pussy lips and teased my clitoris that I just could not take it anymore so I pushed his head in. But he took time, came out and put his throat deep down my pussy. When he entered me with his tongue I felt very excited and left my body on the table very relaxed. I moaned and enjoyed but I was about to cum so I wanted him to get busy with his dick. Well, I guessed I expected less. He licked me till I came, then he licked the fluid. I could feel his warm dick on my skin and I lifted myself and grabbed his dick. I suck him so hard he could not take it – he just moaned ‘hmmmmmm, ahhhhhhhhh, oh my godddddddddd’ and I felt in control.

I guessed he was about to come so he gently removed his dick from my mouth. With our naked bodies, he led me to his office and there was a comfy and large chair in his office. He helped me remove my skirt and held my ass ad he kissed it. I felt very beautiful and also felt so horny. His dick was so big and adorable – I needed it inside of me. He lay me down on the sofa and I felt very good because it was soft. Steve entered me with so much smoothness and passion that I have never felt before. He fucked me slowly but hard and yes I screamed – we came together and kissed with his dick still inside of me.

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