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Last week, I accidentally pumped into some rude guys at school. I feel because the fall was quite severe. I stood up felt some slight pains but I felt better in few seconds so I relaxed. I woke up two days ago with some weird marks on my chest. I called my mum and she came to check it. I told her what had happened the previous week. She was angry and asked me why I did not tell her. She was very worried so she called the doctor for me to go and see her. Dr. Julie Jules was a very beautiful woman and she looked too beautiful to be 37 years but she was. I was very happy to be going to visit Auntie Julie again. She was so much fun to be around and she mostly put my appointments last. This way, we go for some shopping before I came home. That is, if I am better after seeing her. I admired her a lot and loved her figure – wish mine was like hers. Well, my mum pressed the marks and I felt a lot of pain.

She smeared some penicillin on it and I had to go and see Auntie Julie later in the afternoon. I went to her office and had to wait for my turn to see her. I wore a straight dress with a front zip in between my two breasts. When I entered, she smiled and asked to me sit down. She said I had grown into a beautiful girl. I am only 18 years but I have developed so fast I look like a 25 year old woman. My mum always said that so I was not surprised she said the same thing. She asked me to go to the examination table where I lied down but had to remove my dress because she had to check my chest and find out exactly what was wrong and I had a straight dress on too. When I did, she starred at my naked breasts for a while and said I had big and beautiful breasts. I smiled. She asked to lie down and I did. I was naked only with my pant on and I felt cold due to the air condition.

She touched the marked part and I felt pain so I made a sound. She came closer and touched other parts of my chest area including my breasts to ask if I felt any pain. I said a little pain but the truth was that, I felt no pain around my breast but loved the massage she was giving my breasts – although not a full massage. I could feel the sensation in my body and I shivered. She then asked me to go and come back in the evening at 6. I went home but did not tell my mum. She was busy with her friends at home when I got home. So, I decided to rest a little before I went back to the center. I was very excited but felt quite weird too. That was the first time I had felt that way about a woman’s touch. I asked why I felt that way in my thoughts. However, the pain had reduced reasonably. I called Auntie Julie and when I told her she asked me to come still. So I got there. When I did, I was the last patient and she had sent her secretary. This means, I will be seeing her alone with a closed office.

She asked me to sleep on the examination table again. She started to massage my boobs again. This time, the massage was intense. She looked at me and I did not realize because I had my eyes closed enjoying what she was doing. All I realized was that her lips were on my nipples and she was sucking them like crazy. I felt so good the pain was nowhere to be felt. Luckily, I was the last patient on the appointment list and she had sent her secretary to her house to fix some stuff before I entered for consultation. She locked her office and took off her dress standing naked in front of me. She was simply hot. Beautiful breasts and a very heavy body. I wondered why I was feeling that way.

Auntie Julie brought out two sex toys and she brought out a small bed which she asked me to sleep on. We kissed and I licked her pussy too. She enjoyed herself and when we were all wet, she turned on both of the sex toys. She gave me one and took one. We both inserted it into one another face to face. She was surprised I was not a virgin but we had fun.

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