Anal toys

Anal toys for refined pleasure

Anal sex has always existed ! This exquisite pleasure enjoyed by the Romans and Greeks , and now he is worshiped sophisticated Japanese, using special toys.

Sexologists claim that anal sex at least once , but try every other couple . With that, often, the initiator of the process becomes a man . Rectum and the vagina is much more densely covers the penis. It gives a man more pleasurable sensations . In addition, men are by nature - the conquerors . A female anus - this is forbidden , but the fruit is very welcome , as the last bastion, which is so eager to win.

Take the fortress called the "female anus " can bare hands ( penis ), or take advantage of special devices - anal toys will make the process more interesting and more pleasant . In our online store «All4sex» You will find everything you need for this delicious treat.

Butt Plugs

These toys for anal sex are ideal for beginners couples. Plugs are generally smaller and thinner than the penis . They have the shape of a cone with a convenient handle at the base. Handle not only helps keep the cork, but does not give her to fall deeper into the intestine.

Plugs can be used by both women and men . They help to gently relax the anus and prepare it for the next step - anal sex.

Our product range : plug from silicone, thermoplastic rubber and PVC. Also on sale metal tube with rhinestones in the handle that can be used as an intimate decoration . Photos and a detailed description of each product will help to make the right choice.

Anal vibrators

Anal vibrator - sex toy for the more experienced couples. This dildo with integrated vibrating element . Often, it is thinner than a regular vibrator and may have a standard form or shape of Christmas trees, the wand . This shape provides a more comfortable introduction and gradual stretching of the walls of the anus, to avoid cracks and therefore symptoms.

These toys have either a built-in control panel or remote.

Anal dildos

If you have repeatedly tried to have anal sex and want it to diversify - we recommend to buy a dildo . In our online shop are as Realistic ( dildos that are similar in appearance and tactile to the penis ) and more extravagant toys for anal sex.

Note stimulators of glass. They are perfect glide , even with a minimum of lubrication and will give you a new bright feeling.

Prostate stimulators

The prostate in men is directly responsible for their sexual activity. Prostate massage is often prescribed for the treatment of prostate and other men's nasty ailments. But ! Prostate massage - it is also very nice. So why not combine business with pleasure ?

Massage is best done using special prostate stimulators . These toys have a special shape that will easily find the prostate and deliver your partner maximum pleasure.

Pellets Chains

Anal sex requires diversity and, of course, practice. Best of all this will help you balls and chains that are designed specifically for the delicate and prolonged stimulation of the anus . In our online store is more than twenty models of anal beads and chains.

Sets anal toys

To experience all the facets of pleasure from anal sex , you need to have on hand enough accessories for this kind of fun. Toys in the set - the perfect choice for both beginners and experienced sexual partners. The advantage of the set is that you can experiment all the time. Every day you can change the anal toy , depending on your mood or the script sex play . Set of toys not only allow you to get bored, but also give a whole range of sweet sensations.

Anal sex without pain

Anal sex, if the matter come up with the mind, not bring you uncomfortable , painful sensations. The main thing to remember a few simple rules:

Before intercourse to prepare your body for anal copulation . In this case, it is the aesthetic and hygienic side of the issue . You can prepare with the help of the ordinary enema , or by using a special shower for anal sex. You can also use special condoms for anal sex , which not only will make the sexual act convenient but also protect you and your partner against viruses and bacteria.

If you try this kind of sex for the first time - do not be lazy to buy a special lubricant. Lubricants for anal sex have a light anesthetic effect and make the muscles more elastic anus , making it easier to penetrate . If you decide to use toys - give preference to a lubricant that is compatible with the material of construction of the toy.

First anal sex should be slow with minimal penetration, in order to avoid cracks rectum , and later - the hemorrhoid . For the first experiments are perfect toys - look for small plugs and expanders.

Anal sex is not necessary to practice every day, it can adversely affect the functioning of the intestine.

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i need some. how can i get?
Michel (13.03.2015)
Though anal play is not a new, I did not have have knowlege on all the difeerfnt toys. This will help me in my search for new toy in the future. Thanks
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