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No one can ever forget the first kiss that one has in their life time! But my first kiss was something bigger than the big picture I thought and it was one lovely experience, which I will never forget. I was in school and was studying in class 10th and it was my final year to accomplish my schooling career and think of doing something great in life. Well, I don’t want to reveal the name of my school, you can understand the reason. I had a good looking classmate and her name was Savana, she was really very sexy. She was one of the hottest and beautiful girl in the school and every teenage had an eye on her and even I had my eye on her. Everyone desired to make her date, but she never gave a chance to anyone in the class or otherwise. She was a Russian girl and you can judge how beautiful she may be. It was our school annual function and our teachers were very busy in arranging the function schedule to make it remarkable. They wanted to celebrate the function in the best way possible. I was an average student, but I had extra curricular activities in my veins and was very good in that. I got a lot of awards and achievements for my hip-hop and b-boying dancing skills. So it was not hard for me to get diluted in the dancing group that my class teacher picked. I and more 9 students were selected for the dancing event on a famous number of Michael Jackson “Blood on the Dance Floor”.

After school hours we 10 guys, from them 5 were boys and 5 of them girls spent and hour or two practicing dancing steps on the number. I remember, it was the last day of practicing and it went late around 8pm. Every-one left to their home and we both were waiting for the rain to stop. Savana was my classmate, but as she was a rich girl, she never gave me a nack. I was busy practicing my steps, she came near me and said –Hi James, this is Savana. I know you, this is what I replied to her soft voice that echoed in my heart. She was looking hot and drives me crazy; I could really bear, as my cock was swinging around under my brief. She asked me to join with her in dancing, so I didn’t loosed the chance. As we were dancing, I hold her tight in my arms.

He softy murmured my name in my, but before I can say anything, I just started kissing her. My tongue rubbed his, and our saliva mixing and pleasure swelled me. Moaning in kiss, I broke it away before this can get more intense. I will be in charge.

I then went back and put my hand on erection, and perfectly confident that I had my control on him. The erection rose higher, that we possible. My fingers then flipped inside his brief, and giggling while I heard his groan. Then my finger traced length of him, and finally pulling his vest down. I charged on it, and my tongue lapping in this length. He put his hands on head, and making me throat deep him, it was my pleasure completely. I made it go with mouth, and replacing it with hand and pumping really hard on him. So, before I can get to 6th pump, he then whipped me over, and with my back on a soft bed. He then stepped off my bed and dragging my legs on the edge to start all over again.

Suddenly, she slapped me slowly and started kissing me, putting her hand inside my brief, she hold and shake my cock. I don’t want to be an idiot and don’t want to leave this opportunity. I ran towards the door and locked it from inside. Walking towards her, I undressed myself – totally nude. I took her down on the floor and started rolling and rocking her. I pressed her pink breast and fingered her pussy gently and then planted my cock inside it. Savana! Savana! My honey I missed you and I loved you, is what I told in her ears. Dear push me hard she replied; I kissed her harder and harder and started pushing my meat inside. She mourned louder and so do I. As I was a pet lover, I don’t want to miss the doggy style that I tried on her. The rain stopped and we both went to our home. Next day on the annual function, I saw her smiling at me. She came to me and gave me a rose and said will you be my valentine. Hurray!

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