Nicole Heat casting & first anal

My wife and I have always had an exciting time where sexual intercourse is concerned. She is extremely active and I love the way she makes love to me. Before I met my wife, I was a lover of having sexual intercourse with many women. However, she gave me one night of sex and I have been too exhausted to erect for other women since then. I feel like the luckiest man in the world. My wife seems to grow better with age –where sex is concerned and I adore her. We have over the past 12 years tried so many sexual positions. Yes, we have tried a lot of different positions and she has surprised me through them all. I still sit and wonder what goes on in the wife of my mind. Because she fucks me like her life depended on it.

One faithful night my wife Leila and I decided to try anal sex for the very first time. I remember that I felt so hyper about it; I just knew I was going to fuck her ass out. We had planned this day to be the very Saturday of the week we were in. So, Saturday night was here and the weather that day was amazing. We watched a movie together. She was sitting near me and her head was on my laps. She brought out a CD which was a porn CD but had lots of anal sex clips. We watched it and this got me up. When I saw how the guy in one clip was undressing a girl with great boobs, licking and sucking her nipples – I started to get hard. The boobs in the clip that made me hard were not big but they were formed beautifully and with beautiful look. My wife stared at me and gave me an uneven grin.

She could read me like a book – I think she is too smart for her own safety. But, that is one of the reasons why I fell in love with her. She then said, well I guess I know what you’re thinking. I smiled and she hit my lap. She rushed in and after a while she called me in. When I went, she was looking very gorgeous and seductive. My wife is simply amazing. She always knows what I want and works to give me that and nothing else especially in bed. I went inside and took a shower while she waited for me. When I was done she was all naked on the bed waiting for me. I slid myself under the blanket and started to caress her breasts from under the blanket. I squeezed her tit and I felt them getting harder. I went on to squeeze till I just had to suck it. The nipple was so hard and I just had to feel it. So, I sucked it gently and could tell she was wet.

All of a sudden, my wife asked me if I wanted to have anal sex. I was shocked although I knew we had planned for that. Although I was all powerful and felt I could do it earlier, I felt like disaster this day. She seemed so ready and very prepared. She had Vaseline already down and was very prepared. She said we needed either jelly or Vaseline but she chose Vaseline because it was the easiest she could find. The way she spoke simply made me understand she was the best I could ever ask for. The way my wife spoke during sexual intercourse could turn you on over and over again. She was a whore in bed and I loved it. To get me more into the mood, my wife sucked my dick till it was very hard. Then, she turned her ass for me.

I was shivering but I put some Vaseline on the tip of my dick then also on the way of her anus. I then pushed my dick slowly into her ass. The first try was difficult. But I could see my wife was very determined to experience this. I was very hard I could explode. But I was scared deep down inside my heart. Another round of Vaseline was applied to both her anus passage and my dick. I tried the second time and this time it entered. I felt like I was in heaven. I did not understand what this beautiful feeling was. Her hole was very tight and I felt it more than anything I have ever felt. I fucked her so hard and we both came in a way we had never come before. This experience was really the best for us. Today, we still go through with anal sex and it has made us closer than ever. No wonder some couples love it.

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Robert Leonard (02.08.2016)
I want anal with you sweetheart .lets cum together
Eva Biglova (03.05.2014)
Hm))) THANK YOU, Max for theese photos! I love anal. So perfect beautiful and yang lady... Very hot photos!
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