My mom, my lover

There are some weird mom and son relationships that I never understood until I found myself in the same situation. My mom has been my sweetheart since I was 17 years of age. Hi, my name is Hakeem. I am 24 years old and a Business Administration student specializing in Human Resource Management. I am well educated and have very good behavior. My height is 5 inches and I weigh 55 currently. No one can say anything negative about my external or outside personality but I am totally horny on the inside. I have a penis size correctly which is about 5.6 inches long with the thickness of 2.4 inches and I can have a very good erection which can very well stimulate any pussy. I live in a beautiful area with my mother, father and two younger siblings (one boy and one girl). My mom is a housewife and my dad a pharmacist. The name of my mom is Lauren.

My mum is 42 years old now and she is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life. She truly has a sexy body and I love the way she looks with big shaped boobs of 38DD and also a very wide ass of 41 inches with waist of 36. My mom loves me very much and considers me to be her best friend from my childhood. We have been through so much and my dad has mostly not given her the help and love she needed. So, she shares with me every secret. Before we had sex, she revealed to me that she had a dream we were doing some very naughty things. I smiled and took it to be a joke although I wished those naughty things truly happened one day.

I love my mom and I wish I could make passionate love to her one day. Yes, this is what I always wished for and one day it happened. I love my mum so much. I went to my mum’s room when she was bathing because I really wanted to see her naked when she took her bath. I peeked through the shower curtains and I didn’t know she saw me. She called me to come take a bath with her and I was shocked. She urged me to come and at once I became hard. I did not know how to imagine and think about bathing with my mum. I stood to wonder why today was different. Because I had always taken baths with her. This time around however, I really wanted to fuck her with my big, long and thick cock. My dick was very hard and strong with muscles showing all around it. I entered the bathroom naked and she had turned her back when I did.

She opened the show and washed off foam from her face. She took my hand and took it to her breast. She had washed herself so she was wet but with no foam. I felt shivers all over. I was happy and felt good. Her breasts were simply amazing and felt very good to hold. She held my dig from the side and it was simply amazing to feel this way. My cock head was simply in haste to enter her pussy. I started to massage her breasts. She turned after a while and we started to kiss. I kissed her for so many minutes and she responded passionately. I touched her ass and touched her clits as we stood. She moaned and I could feel in her kiss she was enjoying every bit. We kissed and touched for a while. She then knelt down and grabbed my dick. She sucked my dick and I nearly lost my stand. I truly enjoyed but made her stop when I was coming.

She continued and after three times, I came. I had come but I still wanted to make her come. I also wanted more. We washed ourselves and cleaned up. So I guided her out of the bathroom to the bedroom floor. I took charge since I had some experience. I put her on the floor and sucked her breasts like no body’s business. I sucked her fingers, ears, lips, navel, thighs, pussy lips and all parts of my body. She moaned and I went down to her pussy. I licked her and made her cum. I continued to suck her pussy and she loved it. I kissed her and teased her pussy lips. After a while I entered her with my dick and she screamed with so much excitement in her voice. I lifted her legs up and fucked her till we came together. After that we took a shower and since then, we have been fucking hard and harder. My mom is wild.

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