Different Erotic Practices to Look For

Since the ancient time, humans are trying different types of erotic practices in order to get utmost satisfaction. And when it’s all about trying erotic practices, BDSM thematic like term can really come into the act straightaway. As far as BDSM is concerned, it’s all about trying different types of erotic practices that involve submission, dominance, restraint, role playing and several others inter personal dynamics. There are also people, who use to try these different erotic practices, but they never know that or they deny admitting that they are practicing BDSM. However, the practices associated with the BDSM have also initiated a subculture or a community that is mostly dependent on elements like shared experience as well as self identification. As far as the interest for BDSM is concerned, this can vary from lifestyle to one time experiment which is mostly adopted by people in this world. BDSM is all about bondage and discipline. It also revolves around the elements like sadism and masochism. BDSM also relates greatly to the facts like submission and domination.

The initiation of BDSM thematic:

It was the year 1969, when the term BDSM has come into limelight. Apart from this fact, it’s till date unclear that when this term has come into the act. It is sometime believed that such term was initiated while combining B and D that stands for Bondage as well as Discipline and for this S an M was also added that stand for Sadomasochism as well as Masochism. Apart from its origin, this term is also used greatly at the catch phrase that denotes a several activities, distinct subcultures and interpersonal relationships. As far as the BDSM community is concerned, it often welcomes anyone who bears a non normative streak and also identifies such community. It also includes the body-mod enthusiasts, cross dressers, rubber aficionados, animal players and several others.

Contrary to the usual play styles and relationships followed by the couples, BDSM activities as well as relationships can be characterized while taking the participants into account. They can be considered as the complementary ones but they use to play unequal roles. Due to this reason, informed consent related to both partners can become essential. In this regard, participants that use to take complete sexual control over the partners can be termed as the dominants or they can also be called as the tops. At the same time, participants who use to play the passive, obedient or receiving role can be called as the bottoms or submissive ones. As per this statement, dominant participants can also be called as the man or Dom. You can also consider the term like Domme for a Woman to denote such character. There are also people who prefer to change between bottom or submissive and top or dominant like roles and they are called as the switches. This can happen from one relationship to the other or within a specific relationship. The term like Switch is often considered as such context that can be seen as the derogatory and also sometime rejected people who simplistically fit into such definition. The recent study on psychological profile of the BDSM practitioners has attracted huge media attention, with the headlines proclaiming “S&M practitioners are much healthier and very less neurotic than one with tamer sex life.” Even though BDSM in past has thought to be linked with psychopathology, authors of study argued that the practitioners are normally psychologically healthy, compared to general population. But, it must be noted that apparent psychological benefits to be practitioner applied to one in dominant rather than submissive role. In addition, study findings have to get treated with a little caution as it isn’t clear that comparison group is good representation of general population.

BDSM involves wide range of the practices generally involving the role playing games where one person assumes the dominant role and other person assumes the submissive role. Often these activities involve power plays, physical restraint, and pain. Person playing dominant role controls an action, whereas person in submissive role gives up the control. Lots of people have preferred role that they play majority of time, though some people will enjoy switching between their roles (‘switches’).

Is BDSM normal?

BDSM practice carries certain amount of the social stigma, though recent popularity of the Fifty Shades of Grey can be the sign of higher mainstream acceptance. The health professions have had the tendency to view practice as pathological or perverted. The common assumptions about the people who participate at BDSM are they psychologically anxious & maladjusted; they’re acting out the past history of the sexual abuse; and they are trying to compensate for the sexual difficulties. But, small amount of the research evidence accessible suggests that the assumptions are not true.

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