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I was having some difficulties in math and my mum wanted me to pick up because she wanted me to go to the best University. I did not like my current math teacher at school and I knew that’s why I could not concentrate much. I told my mum I had issues with math and she did something about it. I had to take private classes with my super hot teacher. Before my mom introduced us I was not so much into the idea. However, his looks got me all up in the idea. I am a 17 year of high school graduate and this is a story about my teacher and me when I was about 16 years old.

My mum had travelled and we had classes at 4 pm in the evening. My teacher was late and came at 7 apologizing. I was fine with it but he called my mum to apologize too and she was fine. After the call, he was standing there and wondering if the rain would fall. The weather was quite scary and I advised he should stay till the weather is stable. He was so cute and I felt I needed to have a piece of him. Although my mum thought I was a virgin, I was not at all. I had, had three sexual encounters with two men one a student I met on our family trip to Canada. So, I was no innocent girls. I was watching a movie so I invited him to come and watch when I realized it was drizzling. We sat close on the couch and most scenes in the movie were passionate and erotic scenes.

As we watched, I put my head on his laps and relaxed my legs in the chair with my tight short red bodycon dress. My nipples showing clearly and my tights also showing, I turned and rubbed my mouth innocently on his dick. But my back showed more skin due to my ass. I guess he did not realize when I had his dick in my mouth. All I could hear were moans and this made me happy. He made me stop when he was about to come and I went to check if all doors were locked. It was around 8 pm by then and the rain was pouring heavily. I took off my dress and he had done the same by the time I had come back – so we were naked. He held me close to him and kissed me.

He lay me down on the floor and kissed my body. He slowly sucked my breasts then after that massaged it which turned me on at once. My pussy was so wet and I just did not know what to do – because I was enjoying the way he was treating me. I shook in his arms as he carefully sucked my pussy clean. I was in a state where I did not really think about anyone seeing me. He made the night about me and I felt he did not care about him, but about how I felt. He kissed me all over and when he was done I offered to give him a blow job.

He accepted and I gave him another round of amazing blow job which got him mesmerized. He took me and lifted me upstairs into the first room he saw which was my room. He lay me down on the bed and opened my legs. I really wanted him to fuck me. His dick looked very beautiful and well kept and clean. Also, it was long and heavy, I just knew I would enjoy. I started to call his name and asked him to fuck me. I gave him full control. He teased his dick with my tongue and played with his balls. He came on top of me and fingered me so passionately again. I loved it when he sucked my boobs. He did that so well I just couldn’t control myself. He was hard and I could feel it on my skin – I just wished it entered. I held his dick and massaged it as he sucked my books. I moaned and moaned.

He teased my pussy with his cock head. He lifted both of my legs with his hands and then entered. I felt like I was taking a cool bath after a stressful day. He left my legs when he had settled well and massaged my boobs. He sucked them slowly as he fucks me. I was simply in another world where I couldn’t describe.  I started to make noise. Ahhhh, ahhhhhh, oh my god, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me. He did it slowly then fast, then faster till I came. Since then, we have fucked ourselves at the least chance. I started to do better in math too because he thought me very well too.

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