A Love Night in the Dinner Party

Mark and Klara are my office colleagues and we enjoy a lot when we do nothing around. Hey! Don’t judge it wrong. I mean to say that we spend time traveling around in US. It was Sunday a weekly work off and I decide to arrange a dinner party in this couple’s house. As we always have a social activity around, this time we were planning to make some good foods. Mark and Klara agreed this dinner party and were set planning. I purchased some fresh wine and cakes for the party. I reached their house around 7pm, but found no one in their house. I really felt strange about this and I moved to check in the backyard. No sign of them! So I went into their dinning space and wait for their return. Hello! Who is there? I heard a sweet voice coming from the kitchen area. Again it echoed and I replied - it’s me Nick. Hi Nick, wait a minute I will be there in minutes. I felt little scared about thief or may be some ghost that’s going to leap on me and tear me apart. I hold my guts and sat on their chair.

I saw a beautiful lady standing in front of me and her blue eyes was something that I can’t leave my sight. Hi Nick this is Rosana that’s what she said while holding my hand. She was cousin of Klara that what she revealed. I asked her about Mark and Klara, she said that they will be back within 5 minutes. I looked her face, as if time has stuck somewhere and didn’t want to leave. Without much delay, the couples arrived and we joined for the dinner party. We four danced on the blues, but my eyes were not giving a chance to miss her face. She was so charming and lovable. We then joined for the dinner and had a nice brunch. After finishing, we all drank, drank and drank. I noticed it was very late night and we were very drunk and couldn’t keep our steps balanced. Mark and Klara left to bed and we two were standing on the middle of the dinning room.

Rosana came close to me and holds me in her arms. Her big burst was pressing my chest and I could feel the warm. I don’t want to loose this opportunity and we started kissing each other with passion. I cannot think anymore, while I saw her tongue to stick out and give me the small hint. Her tongue started licking, slowly working the way up. Then my eyes popped out of sockets, it was most intense pleasure that I have felt in my entire life. His tongue reaching out my core, I gasped it as tongue entered me. Wetness was pooling down on my legs, groans and moans filling the whole room. His tongue then swirled over my clit, and pushing 1 or 2 fingers with it. His fingers then pumped in me, and my wetness dripping out from fingers and on his bare legs. The wine was doing her play. I lay her on the sofa and started undressing her. She unzipped me and holds my white cock and gave it slow jerk and then forced it into her love box. I was moving up and down and morning with passion and joy. As no one was around, we both went to the shower and started our experiment on the floor. Juice was oozing out as I pushed harder and harder. I moaned very softly, and feeling some clench in stomach. He then pushed down his head between my legs and removing his fingers for tasting me again. His mouth covered out my clit, and leaving me to gasp for needed air. He then grabbed up my hand and put on my clit.

His fingers pinched and poked my breasts, now his mouth trailing kisses from stomach on my core. My breasts now turning to large mounds and tongue flicked on my jeans, and making me to squirm in complete pleasure. My impatience got best of me & I kicked it off, and taking in scent of him. Then I saw my hands going up and down on him, hesitating before his erection feeling. He flinched, just to come back stronger and harder. He then took off my panties and can feel myself going wet inside. However, instead what I thought that he will do and he flipped over so I could face bed down. Rosana hold me tight and kissing me harder and sucking my lips. Soon we had a nice shower together and I bid her Bye, because I don’t want to beak my friendship issues with the couples. I must say that it was one of the most memorable times that I ever spent.

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