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Escort job.

We welcome sexy and elite companions to cooperate with Luxe Dolls. To launch work in escort agency, please, give all information about you by e-mail:
In your summery must be: age, height, weight, parameters of bust-waist-bottom, breast size, speaking languages, photo verification with city and year, providing services and minimum 7 original pictures to place here. Our terms I send you with reply on your summery. For bi-sexual males and sexy shemales I need height and diameter of the cock. How to be an escort?

I can also inform about our conditions myself, just add me in the Skype: EvaBiglova

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Miss Eva Biglova promises on the part of honest work, good customers and the number of output according to your wishes. You can work with us, the individual – independent escort or with the agencies, we need to inform in advance. Our terms don’t depend on it. You choose work or relax on the beach along or may be dating with the client.
Hello, do you want to be a maintenance and cooperate with us? We welcome all kind of heterosexual and bisexual escorts, shemales and males: bisexual or gays. You can be small or big; brunette, blonde or with red hair; busty or with small tits; famous or unknown; with all-inclusive or with some interesting erotic services and all nationalities. Our requirement for the employments: be clean, healthy, friendly, honesty, intelligent and with pleasant appearance.

Our customers prefer different types of the models, and Luxe Dolls dating agency can find for you escort job in Dubai and VIP clients.

The conditions of Luxe Dolls: we take from you our %, we pay the ads for you, we negotiate with customers by phone and fined more appropriate order for both: for ladies and for customer. We take 40% or 30% our commissions, depends on your price, if you want higher price, the % will be 40.

You pay your escort hotel in the center of Dubai is better, it must be elite hotel 4 or 5 stars category. If you want to get VIP customers, you also must be luxury model. This impossible to leave in hostel and ask price like famous porno model. You can also take apartments. You pay visa, your mobile phone, condoms, your food and your clothes.

In the last mail to start job must be: copy of your travel passport, copy of visa of the country you visiting, 15 original photos, verification photo with your face and paper: Dubai 2013 for example, your services and parameters of your appearance. To make your profile on your site we need: nationality, speaking languages with level, hair colors, eyes colors, ages, height, weight, measurements, bust size, availability dates, your Skype name and your local phone number.


-Can you credit my hotel during my first escort job in Dubai?

No, this is impossible; in this case girls live in Dubai and refuse to the customers every time. We are escort agency; we are not sponsors for your holidays.

-Can you help me with visa?

Sorry, we are not Dubai Consulate in Russia. But you can make visa via travel agency.

-How much money I get if I work with your agency?

Depends on your beauty, services and your free time. Dubai men like fluently English, anal and busty beautiful ladies.

-How much customers during the day will be from you?

I cannot guarantee any customers without your summery. But we will fined a job for you according to your wishes.

Why males use Dubai escort services?

We can hear quite often the following phrase: «He chose another woman and cheated!» This situation is widespread in married life. For example, less than 30 years ago, betrayal has been not as typical as now, but why? Do men sometimes prefer to have a new escort girl, relationship without commitment and promises? Let’s try to find the cause for this.

The reason is more obvious than we think

Actually, the situation with «open relationship» was common even hundred years ago. All men like something unusual, interesting and thrilling. Just imagine for a minute: he comes home after a hard working day (or night) and he wants some peace. And instead of resting he receives either a scandal or a bunch of complaints from his girl-friend, or maybe the request to walk with a child. When this situation arises, there are routs for its development. In the first one, a man becomes angry and starts a quarrel. Finally, he goes to sleep feeling anger, and his girl is left nervous all day. As a result, they are both dissatisfied. And the second one: husband agrees and does what his female demands but he still desires his deserved rest. The scandal is avoided but left present and will start with the first possible opportunity. Both variants end the same: the quarrel between loving couple.

This situation is just one among such problems, and cheating is a consequence, not the reason. When a man wishes to find a relaxation, he wants sexual relationship, but his woman can be busy or tired, or (even worse) they may be at odds. The result is obvious. Sure there are not such problems with call girls, as escort take money for sex and never fuck brain, just your cock.

Affair, serious relationship or just sex?

Moving forward, we can try to understand why there are cheatings in our world. Does a man actually love a woman whom he chooses to be his lover? Sometimes when family disorders arise, a man desires to find an amusement. It can sometimes be even sex with a hooker or due to a casual acquaintance. Elite girl of Luxe Dolls agency provide the best escort services in Dubai.

The reason of man’s cheating with escort girl

As a rule, every betrayal has the cause. Psychologists and sexologists have identified several main reasons why a man can betray his woman with escort girl:

  1. Serious family problems. The disturbance is the main, primary reason of cheating. When there are fights, there are disorders within the family that a man hates and wants to go away to someone else, but his nagging wife, usually this is call girl.
  2. Sexual experiments with escort. Sex is an integral part of marriage. While one man chooses to have sex only with his girl-friend for many years, another prefers to experiment in the ways he wants: anal sex, domination, toys, shemales. Man desires to spend nights with other maintenance women, trying to find and feel something new. He can simply feel his sexual power and confidence in that case.
  3. Men desire to be needed. When they are not by their wives, they look for other women courtesan who can make them be and feel special ones.
  4. Sometimes cheating men have spouses who also cheat. Husbands can't forgive wives. They just try to do the same because of hurt, offense and pride.

Why are men ready to pay money for sex

Sex is a way of male self-realization. It this case he can feel himself welcome, successful, the best and the main one. In the intimate sphere men feel themselves not only as the leader of the family, but also as males who are accustomed to conquer.

Does one night with a strange call girl can raise their self-esteem? Actually, yes. At least, elite escort agency in Dubai can help to forget about problems that exist in the family. These are the moments when he feels great and can have fun not thinking about anything.

In this case, money doesn't play the decisive role. The main thing is feeling: the feeling of freedom, and not only physical one. It is a moral freedom from all the problems.

It’s simpler to be with a stranger. Prostitute will not ask you anything. She is interested in money.

So why do they want to find an easy way to relax? Here are the causes for this:

  1. Sexual dissatisfaction. Usually with a wife there is no variety in sex, and the other girl can be more creative, sassy and bold. Yet, she is not suitable for serious relations, and they both know it. Only sexual accompaniment can bring your wishes in life.
  2. The lack of understanding. There is no calm way to talk and to discuss something with a wife, as there are constant scandals and claims at home.
  3. The lack of intimate relations with his girl. The woman is either busy or tired (because she was busy before), or doesn’t want this at the moment.

What can a common wife do?

Of course, every woman wants to have a strong and stable family. But not everyone understands that the family also requires hard work: work on herself and on partner too. If a woman doesn’t want to take care of herself, to do make-up, or at least to wear tidy clothes, a man will have no interest in her. A woman must remain a mystery which her partner would like to unravel again and again.

Here are some pieces of advice for women on the topic of how to secure a husband from cheating with escorts:

  1. Look after your appearance. Hair, make up and clothes will help you to be neat and well-groomed. A man always pays attention to you, even if you have been together for a long time.
  2. Take the initiative in sex. Be brave, careful and tender at the same time. You know everything very well, studied the tastes and preferences long time ago, so you can easily predict what your partner wants at the moment. Feel free to experiment. You can try sexy games or role-based interpretation. The only important thing is desire but it should be mutual. Do not be afraid to do something wrong. Your partner loves you, so he can help and cheer you up every minute.

Just try to pay more attention to your another half. Learn all the wishes of your husband and do not stop. This is one of the ways to make your sexual life become varied and interesting.

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